Travel, roads, (another tomb), more roads…


So after an hour’s sleep yesterday I thought I’d set the alarm for a very civilised 9am, so that we’d be ready for the driver to arrive at 12 noon…

I was woken at 7.15 by a message from apartment-Dev to say ‘the driver has arrived and is waiting’… I decided that since we had an arrangement for 12 noon and it was perfectly reasonable to assume I was still asleep I would leave it.

I was then woken another half hour later by the driver at the door… So we re-arranged for 11am and I set to waking up the rest of the sleeping household…

We travelled from Delhi to Bharatpur, via Hunamayun’s Tomb. The tomb was, I’m told, the first ‘tomb garden’ to be built. Apparently also somewhere in the grounds Hunamayun’s ‘favourite barber’ is also buried. Also, it seems it was built before the Taj Mahal, and was the inspiration for it… It was our first bit of warm sunshine, which was much appreciated, and was a very peaceful place.


India day 1-7

There weren’t too many tourists, although the ones that were there were in swarms, (seemed to be organised and tagged and labelled and all together), so in some ways easyish to avoid… Our time was limited, as we were heading back to the car in order to reach Bharatpur ‘before dark’.. which seemed ominous, given everything we had looked at (Google maps and Rome2Rio) told us it was four hours maximum from Delhi…

The driver has excellent English and we now have more Hindi than yesterday… Just one bit… ‘Ram Ram’ apparently does for ‘hello’ and he tells us we’re to say it to Gopal when we meet him in Roopangargh and ‘he’ll be impressed’… I hope so, or otherwise our driver has a quirky sense of humour and has taught us something entirely different, and Gopal will lamp us.

The journey took a very very very long time, luckily with plenty to look at along the way… we saw our first monkey (Steve’s second), our first camel, first sugar cane mushing operation, people travelling on top of vans, and squashed into tuk tuks, and plenty of people transporting babies on motorbikes, which just doesn’t seem to be a thing in the UK…


So, we’ve arrived in Bharatpur, with a plan to go the the Taj Mahal tomorrow. I hadn’t fully thought it through, but of course the Taj Mahal is another tomb. Maybe three in three days will be enough… I’ve also now observed my first mosquitoes.

Also I realise that one of my other minor anxieties – (how many toiletries do we need for three weeks?) will be put to the test, as we have left our shampoo, shower gel and conditioner in the shower at the apartment (apartment-Dev’s already glossy locks will be in prime condition, but Ella’s and my own may suffer).

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